Funeral for a friend. Actually, lots of little friends.

I’ve always liked this quote.

Henry V, Act V, Scene 2

Henry: If thou canst love a fellow of this temper, Kate, whose face is not worth sun-burning, that never looks in his glass for love of any thing he sees there…

I don’t think I’m vain.  I really don’t give a damn about my looks.  In the last 10 years I’d guess I’ve spent $10 for cosmetics.  If that.  The one thing I’m vain about is my hair.  So, naturally… it’s falling out.  Ha!  Of course.

The collar I’m in goes over my collar bone and up high enough to cover the ears.  This is very very bad for long hair.  Right now my hair is 22 inches long.  Yep, I just measured it.  But so thin I have to wear a hat everywhere I go when the sun is out or I’ll burn my scalp.  And my hair and the collar have decided they hate each other.  I have to pull it over to the side in a knot just to function, but it’s hell to sleep in like that.  In fact, I can’t.  For one reason or another I haven’t slept through the night since about Christmas.

I’ve been putting this off for a long time.  But, like a 60 year old rock star, there comes a time when denial is just pathetic.  So tomorrow I go to the chop.  Except for a brief period resulting from a tragic perm I’ve had long hair all my life.  *sigh*  But this isn’t long hair so much as a rat tail.  It looks like someone cut off one of my pony tails.  Yeah, it’s pathetic.

Bye old friends.  I’ll miss you.