Attack of the Menacing Black Ice!

So there I was, stalking the wild beasty known in the finer hunting circles as the Menacing Black Ice.   Ginger the Dog, my faithful scout, had already sighted several smaller specimens, but I was after a real beauty – a huge but stealthy monster seen only rarely.  So sneaky is this beast that it instantly blends with its environment, rendering it nigh invisible.  Until, of course, it’s too late.

As we prowled the urban back alleys (a favorite haunt of the Menacing Black Ice) I came upon a suspiciously clear patch of pavement next to the building.  Alas, little did I know the depths to which the MBI would stoop!  Or how clever my foe actually was.  Unbeknownst to me, the Menacing Black Ice can lay traps to lure the unwary.

I proceeded with caution, when all of a sudden there it was!  An enormous Menacing Black Ice – dead ahead!  This is when I came to know how treacherous this beast truly is.  This may be the first recorded account of a Menacing Black Ice working in conjunction with an entirely different species!  As the MBI was sighted, suddenly, without warning, the building next to me sprang to attack!

Fortunately I was quick enough to prevent the building from completing its charge – I was able to foil it in mid-leap with the quick and clever use of the right side of my face.

Thus, civilization was saved once again, and the attempt of the Menacing Black Ice to run rampant throughout civilization was once again thwarted.

Or, put another way, to use the simple yet beautiful language of the natives of this area…