The mentally healthy psycho

I haven’t been following the Casey Anthony trial, if one can call it that. No justice will be found there, so I don’t give a damn. However, I did happen upon this quote:

“That’s what makes a good liar,” said Lori Butts, a forensic psychologist from Davie who also holds a law degree and does criminal-case consultations. Such traits are “what makes a psychopath.”

“They get themselves caught up in their lies,” Butts said. “She creates her own reality.”

She doubts Anthony, 25, is mentally ill, however, because she’s too lucid, precise and logical.”

So even though Casey Anthony is a textbook psychopath (and she is), this professional doubts she’s mentally ill because of her lucidity.

This is why I fucking HATE mental health “professionals”. Because unless you’ve been crazy, you’ll never understand crazy. If you’ve ever heard me give a speech, you’d swear I was the most sane, reliable person in the room. No, I’m a psychopath. It’s one of my 5 diagnosis. And for whatever reason, it’s given me an incredible gift of communication. I also have a through the roof IQ, and I’m going to bet little Casey up there does too. At least above average. There’s a working theory now (slowly gaining cred) that high IQ almost naturally equates barking mad.

But, because she done talked so good, Casey the psycho isn’t mentally ill. Jesus.


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