… or, traction really hurts.

So… heh heh.  It turns out I did all this to myself.  Hey, what do you know?  Curling up on the sofa for hours on end hunched over a smoking laptop is bad for you!   So all this pain and drama was caused by yours truly.  Now, it’s certainly true that I have “advanced degenerative disc disease”.  But had I taken that into account and maintained good posture, none of this nonsense would have happened!  The moment I started acting like a baboon, my spine reminded me.

So the happy news is that with therapy and common sense I can avoid surgery.  OMG what a relief!!  And I can probably cut the narcotics to a bare minimum.  Unhappy news is that this is self inflicted and traction, at least for now, is unavoidable.  As my condition improves it won’t hurt as much.  In fact, it may feel good down the road.  But for now… err, yeah.  all those visions of the rack are pretty much on target!



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